Are You New to the Funko POP World?

Are You New to the Funko POP World?

[ Here are some important terms and information to help you with your collecting!]

We all know that Funko Pops are becoming more popular every year, constantly bringing out new pops with each passing month. So, we thought to inform you as to what pops you should get, the meaning behind Funko Pop lingo, as well as what certain stickers mean on each box and why you should invest in pop protectors.

Let’s get you familiar with the Funko Pop community:

  1. Pop Vinyl’s/ Funko’s/ Funko Pops/ Pops/ Funko Bobbleheads

All of the abovementioned terms refer to the same thing. A Funko Pop. These are just the many terms people like to use when referring to Funko Pops, however, no name is incorrect. It all boils down to whatever name you prefer to give these quirky figures!

  1. Chase

Chase Pops are highly sought-after pops in the community. A Chase Pop is an exceedingly rare variation of a common Funko Pop. The only difference is the change in design while still holding the same number as the average Funko Pop as well as the same box design in most cases. The easiest way that you can spot a Chase is by the yellow/gold circular sticker that reads “Limited Edition Chase.”  If bought new from a retailer, the Chase is the same price as the regular average Funko Pop, but if it is bought from a reseller the price will be significantly higher as these are far rarer than the normal Funko Pop variation.

  1. Grail

This type of Funko Pop is an extremely desired Funko Pop, and therefore, valuable. The value of a group of Grails is based on the Funko Pops value and rarity. This type of Pop is very open-ended as it leaves a lot of room for many different Funko Pops to enter this category.

As a collector, whatever Funko Pops are the highest on your list, and most desired, is your holy grail. It is entirely based on what you value the most and what you desire to have in your collection more than other Funko Pops. This term is also used for the rarest Funko’s Pops overall. These include first editions, event exclusives and a limited number of pops that are produced. One of the most expensive and rarest grails is ‘Alex DeLarge’ from ‘A Clockwork Orange’. This specific variant of Alex only had 12 Funko Pops ever made and is highly sought after because of its rarity.

  1. Flocked

These types of Pops are furry. Yes, you read correctly! Flocked Funko Pops are textured figures and feel soft to the touch. Adding the effect of fur enhances the look of the figure. Some Funko Pops only have fur on certain sections while others are completed covered with fur all over. These Funko Pops also come with a specific bright pink sticker with the word “Flocked” on it.

  1. Glow in the Dark (GITD)

These types of Funko Pops glow! The glow colour and placement will always be different on every Funko Pop that has a glow effect. Some Funko Pops glow all over while others only have smaller, defined areas that glow. We suggest researching the glow of the Funko Pops you are eyeing out for your collection. The glow unfortunately does not last as long as we wish it would. This is because they need a good amount of light to be able to glow at night. A nifty trick we found to get the best-looking glow for a slightly longer time is shining a UV torch directly at the Funko Pop for a few seconds. UV torches are an effortless way to instantly charge up anything that glows in the dark. These Funko Pops also have a specific sticker. It is a simple small circular yellow sticker that reads “Glow in the Dark.”

  1. Vaulted

A Vaulted Funko Pop is a Pop that is no longer sold or produced. Some Funko Pops are only produced for a short amount of time or in limited quantities. Once these specific Funko Pops have their production come to end, they become “Vaulted” and are no longer going to be produced. If you are currently looking for a vaulted Pop, the best place to look is on Facebook Groups, forums, or eBay. Vaulted Pops are also close to the expensive side as they are no longer in production. Once a Funko Pop has become vaulted, the value of the specific Pop tends to go up as the demand will soon increase.


Being a newbie in the Funko Pop world can be extremely overwhelming but hopefully, with our guide, you will be up to speed in no time. In addition, we have listed a few straightforward abbreviations to help you out even further:

  • OOB – Out of Box
  • OOS – Out of Stock
  • ISO – In Search Of
  • FT – For Trade
  • NFS – Not for Sale
  • NFT – Not for Trade or Non-Fungibel Token
  • LE – Limited Edition
  • MINT – Perfect Condition
  • Wild – a Pop found in a store
  • HTF – Hard to Find

PPG – Pop Price Guide