Everything You Need to Know About Funko Pops

Everything You Need to Know About Funko Pops

After people found out that the most expensive Funko Pop sold yesterday, which was the Golden Ticket Willy Wonka 2 Pack with Golden Ticket and Chocolate bar in 2022, costing $100,000, Funko Pops have been breaking news everywhere.

However, why are people obsessed with this phenomenon and where did this iconic brand come from?


Believe it or not, Funko was founded by Mike Becker in 1998. In the beginning, the main aim of this company was to manufacture bobbleheads for a restaurant chain, advertising their icon, Big Boy. However, all of this changed in 2005 when it was sold and obtained by a new president, Brian Mariotti. After this, the company started signing collaboration deals with Marvel, Elvis Presley, CBS, Disney, Microsoft, WWE, Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, to name a few.

Their popularity grew as a pop-culture licensed company selling high-quality toys known as Funko Pops. This toy stands out from the rest with its well-known traits from having a square-shaped head that has rounded edges, to being exactly 9.525cm tall as well as having no mouth and standing in a neutral pose. In addition, most of them also have black button-like eyes and most people are familiar with the Harry Potter, Batman, or any Marvel Funko pop range.

These days you can buy Funko Pops anywhere in the world from South African online shops like us, to the US, Australia, UK, Europe and even Japan.

Interesting Funko Pop Facts

  • Funko Pops have become such a huge sensation, that there are over 7,600 kinds of Funko Pops available around the world. All of them resemble a character from video games, iconic sport stars, celebrities, TV shows, or even movies.
  • YouTubers might be the next range of Funko Pops. There has been a petition that had received over 16 000 signatures from fans requesting Funko to recreate these well-known YouTube figures who have essentially reached celebrities status in the year 2022.
  • As a result of the rise and value of Funko Pops, there have been a lot of fake Funko Pops being sold everywhere. However, seasoned collectors have been spotting them far easier by identifying them through wrong pricing, incorrect labelling, limited pops being overdistributed or damaged boxes.
  • Funko collaborated with Green Lantern and sold a limited-edition Green Lantern 240 piece in 2010, where each pop was sold for $1500. This launch sold out in less than 20min. This started a trend where most people started collecting these Funko pops as collectables instead of buying them as a fan of the celebrity or whatever character the pop is portraying.
  • Most pops increase by 50% in the owner’s lifetime and then some increase dramatically in short period of times. Making it a great investment for most. Funko Pop collections that are collected worldwide are worth thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • The most reproduced Funko Pop in the world is Batman. It has more than 100 designs and with each new movie, another one gets designed.