Merry Christmas from Funko to You

Merry Christmas from Funko to You

We already know that Funko is on top of creating Funko Pops! for every occasion and franchise, so it should come as no surprise that Christmas-themed Funko Pops! exist. Funko decided that the world needed Christmas-themed Funko Pops! just as much as they needed ones for Halloween and so Christmas variants began flooding the shelves.

As a collector, buying variants of the Funko Pops! you love is an exciting option given by the brand. Funko loves Christmas time just as much as its fans, so they worked hard with all their creators to make the perfect Christmas Funko Pops! for the masses. Since the creation of Christmas Funko Pops, Funko has brought out new Christmas variants of existing Funko Pops! every year and people are always excited to see the new releases during the festive season.

Some of the very first Christmas Funko Pops! include the Snow and Heat Miser from “The Year without Santa Claus”. These characters are very popular from back in the day and it’s no doubt that they sold quickly and weren’t made again. Keeping to the main Christmas theme, Funko also released the original Funko Pops! of Santa Claus, Rudolph, Bumble, Misfit Elephant, and the elves from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

After the release of these original, and very on-brand, Christmas Funko Pops, Funko started the production of Christmas characters from our most-loved holiday movies such as Buddy the Elf, Elf on the Shelf, Clark Griswald, and many others. These were naturally a hit and are currently no longer in production after they sold out.

By this time, marvel had a steady production of Funko Pops! with the company and immediately jumped on the bandwagon by releasing a holiday-themed Dancing Groot. These were a hit, and soon after Captain America became Captain Snow, a very happy and festive snowman, an angry Hulk holding Christmas gifts, Groot decorated as a Christmas Tree, and Deadpool holding candy canes like swords. Soon after, a lot of the more popular Avengers got holiday-themed Funko Pops, with the latest ones being some characters in Gingerbread form.

On a scarier side of Christmas, Funko Pops! for Krampus, the holiday monster, was released a few years ago and people loved it! Soon after “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” jumped into production, and did the crowds love these Funko Pops! Jack Skellington and Sally got their Funko Pops! debut with Zero and other characters to follow suit year after year.

It’s safe to say that the fan base of Funko enjoys all the Christmas and holiday-themed Funko Pops! that are released every year and the demand has never declined. Are you thinking about livening up your collection with some adorable holiday-themed Funko Pops? Well, we are the people to help you! We can order Funko Pops! from the USA and the UK that you are looking for. Finding Funko Pops! is no challenge for us. Send us your Christmas wish list and let us make your dreams come true!